5 Self-Care Tips Under 5 Minutes


Do you feel like you never have time to dedicate to your self-care routine? Here are 5 easy tips to implement day or night, perfect for when you want a little extra time to yourself. Whether it’s a quick bath or lighting a candle, you’ll be sure to find something that fits into your daily life.


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Take a Bath

This might sound simple, but that’s why we love it! A bath is the perfect way to unwind and relax.

Read a Book

Instead of opening your notifications in the morning, try opening a book. This is a great way to start your day and wake up your mind in a peaceful and stimulating way.

Make Yourself a Cup of Tea

Sitting on the couch and sipping a cup of tea is a great way to relax and relieve stress

Do a Face Mask

Putting on face mask is a quick and easy way to give yourself that extra TLC. For the ultimate multitasker, throw on a face mask and check some things off your to-do list while it sets in.

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